feldenkrais® in progress

„Feldenkrais® in progress“ is organized by Amalia Altenburg and Philip Ruthner. The individual interventions are designed and implemented with a variety of other young Feldenkrais® practitioners, most of whom have backgrounds in the arts.

Amalia Altenburg (*1979)
works as an independent actress and performer in Vienna. She began acting lessons at age 12, and studied theatre and philosophy in Munich as well as at the Athanor Academy for Arts Performance in Burghausen in Bavaria, for which she earned a diploma in 2004. She has been studying to become a Feldenkrais® practitioner since 2006, and is a student of Jeremy Krauss.
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Mag. Philipp Ruthner (*1978)
is a certified and licensed Feldenkrais practitioner. He studied sports science at auf der Schmelz and is a NLP trainer. He received his Feldenkrais training under the supervision for Jeremy Krauss in Berlin III. He is active as a DJ and is lead singer in the band Das Fieber, and also works as a model in Paris.
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Sascha Krausneker (*1975)
is a certified and licensed Feldenkrais practitioner. He received his Feldenkrais training at the Feldenkrais International Training Program Vienna II with Carl Ginsberg and Jeremy Krauss. He has a Feldenkrais practice in Vienna at the Dr. Schmida Institute, as well as with tanzpool and in the Health Care Center Lindengasse (www.lindengasse.at) under Prim. Dr. F. Pschill. He hosts Feldenkrais workshops for continuing studies and for the public, as well as the four-year Feldenkrais International Training Program Vienna 5, and is a founding member of the Feldenkrais Institut Wien. He serves as a full member of the Feldenkrais European Training and Accreditation Board.
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Claudia Mader (*1964)
is a Feldenkrais teacher, performer and actress, and has degrees in all three areas. She lives in Vienna. She studied the Feldenkrais Method with the Feldenkrais Guild in the United States as well as at the University of Colima, Mexico. She participates regularly in continuing education workshops. Through her work in theatre, she has extensive experience in working with movement, the body and the voice, in addition to creative research in space with oneself and together with others. She teaches the Feldenkrais Method to individuals, classes and seminars, and also teaches in English and Spanish.
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Violetta Parisini (*1980)
went to school in Vienna, and also spent one year as a student in Sydney, Australia. She studied Philosophy and Theater at the University of Vienna, and wrote her thesis on Gilles Deleuze and Jim Jarmusch. She studied the Feldenkrais Method in Munich from 2004-2008 under Paul Newton. Violetta Parisini works mainly as a DJ in Vienna but also throughout Germany, Switzerland and Austria, and is working on her first album as a singer-songwriter.
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